Dodge Ram (2013-2019) Android 11 Headunit (G-Series) 8GB 128/256

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Front Seating: 3 Seats (10.5" screen)
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What is the SquareWheels G-Series?

The G-Series is a lineup of Android 11 Headunits featuring cutting-edge hardware and software. These units are designed for easy installation, with custom trim and plug-and-play harnesses that effortlessly connect to your vehicle's plugs, eliminating the need for splicing.

ALL G-Series Screens feature:

Android OS Version: 11
Processor: Qualcomm 8-Core
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 128GB (or 256GB)
Screen: HD IPS Multi-Capacitive Touch
4G Data: Yes. (ALL Carriers Supported)
Wifi: Yes
Carplay Support:
Android Auto: YES



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